Annie Says

Just for me to have together -- here are a few things Annie has said over the last several months. 

July 2016 

Moon! Where are you? I's talkin' to you! I can't see you!

(When trying a new food she doesn't like)
Mmm, no, Mommy. I can't wike it. 

Me: Annie, can I please have some of your popcorn?
Annie: Um, you can have just a widdle bit, Mommy, 'kay?

I so mix-cited!


August 2016

(Watching beauty and the beast)
Wow, Mommy, this is a reedy pwetty show!


November 2016

(During bedtime prayer)
Thank You for my cuh-tens, my cwock, my fant, and too many blankets.


December 2016

Annie: You and daddy go on a date? I want to go too.

Me: Well, a date is just special mommy and daddy time. 

Annie: Oh. I go on a date when I bigger?

Me: Yes, when you're about 25.

Annie: Okay. I go on a date when I 25, okay, Daddy? Right now I just 2. 

Adam: Sounds great.


January 2017

Annie: Our father in heaven, thank you for this day. Thank you for our fam-wee. [Incoherent...] pwease keep us safe tomorrow. Thank you for Jesus. In Jesus' name, amen.

Me: Annie, that was such a good prayer, that made mama and God so happy. 

Annie: [hugs me so tightly] I happy too, mommy!